Sunday, September 19, 2010

FRAGMENTS of yesterday

had a dream about you last night

vision of you stood up there

waving me with longing gaze

I looked above. . marveled at the abruptly visible lunar

Dark tarnished sky was gone

nite luminous with twinkling stars

wondered was the moment real?

standing over a distance ~ was you

The breeze whispered the words that you missed me

God how mellifluous the sound was to my ears..

I stirred closer

only to see you backed away

“this world is a no home for me

thus I could not remain behind

Dwell not over the past,

irrespective how full your heart of loves for me

Wherever there’s horizon, there’s always be

a part of me there

we bound to meet again..till then

make me happy by beaming to your heart..

You moved away, and left me staring at the bleary vision

you're becoming more and more out of reach

drifting away  amidst the darkness

then your frail illusion

faded before my teary eyes

tell me, sayang

Just.. where  do  I belong

In this world without you
God help me..


Arm said...

that was hard right?

Arm said...

expressing something underneath are not as simple as it seems. I guess.

haiza najwa said...

It just kinda pop out from your mind. It's a poem anyway Armand, quite easy to express your feeling when what surrounds you is only tranquility. Thanx for last time's treat. And I'll take the rain cheque anyhow. Babai.

ong ong kedek kedek said...

salam ziarah kak...
Lama dah sy x jalan2 kat sini sejak sy tutup FB saye hu3

Anonymous said...

ur job's not done, that's y u were left behind. He knew u were d stronger one, but in truth, he never did leave u. He's alwiz there in u. *k.wynn

Arm said...

loving it still.

Arm said...

saw you on9 but as you're aware of, I don't go for FB. Don't approve of that time consuming hobby. Couln't get trough your chat, what happen?