Friday, February 26, 2010

Murder/Homicide! own friend, an old buddy was the victim...?

Since the crack of dawn to sunrise, I was at a loss of what to do.  really no specific agenda for d whole day.  Total zilch!!!  So..I jest sat down crippled and glanced out the window mused, thinking and reflecting hard. The cause..yeahh, old buddy Ganasegaran!
Last nite this old friend Ganasegaran  who's now an owner of a law firm rang me up. Somehow I did enjoy chatting with him 'bout our olden  schooldays.  Sweet..sweet memories and bak kata Gana 'those were the days - unforgettable days..happy innocent years'
He's doing pretty well and  now driving a chevrolet as one of his automobile.  Aku mmg sgt baik dgn dia dulu. Bler putus cinta, diluahkannya rasa kecewa menunggengnya pd aku..ha offense eh Gana..?
Another quite close  friend Abtar Singh, alwez handsome with or without his turban [do I spell it right?] mengejutkan aku when Gana broke the news that he died of fatal injury  in car accident.  Terkasima aku! Pergi sudah rupanya dia...!

And amid bicara, Gana delivered another shocking news 'bout a violent death of a very close friend of mine name Shinto Kaur - Was a sad and distressing story to ponder for she was murdered by her own hubby who was a doctor, can you imagine?  The nasty part was, according to rumors the hubby was having an affair with their maid.  Not sure whether dia  filipino or an Indon. Eiiya..truly made me sick!
Know something?
Me, Shinto Kaur and Ah Yoke during school years were known as muhibbah trio.  We were very close  .  Aargh..alangkah sedehnya cerita ney..victimized and prosecuted  by own husband!

Few days ago K.Wynn emailed me not to be harsh on Hema for she's inexorably this 'dependent on husband' type of wife. kata K.Wynn tak kiralah suami dia seorang keparat.  Sorrylerr K.Wynn for blocking the anonymous commentory. So U x dpt masuk and had to email me instead. I already let in the anonymous comment semula because of you. The other day, one dumb idiot slot in sampah stuff in the comment section tu sebab I trpksa blok.
I'll grant ur wish and'll call Hemlatha shortly after this.  I pray her husband taklah sampai perform the same evil doing to her. He got that bitching temper kecually ngan his  illegitimate wife and kids.  Benci btol aku!
Manalah anak2 dia nak mengadu nanti..Argh.. I almost reduced to tears already. 
Now thinking back 'bout cerita Gana sent tremors to my trembled spine.  Make me chilled with unknown fears.  I'm worry.  More worried than I dare to admit.
What with all these people nowadays?  Are they running out of rationale and conscientiousness? Can't they reason with their own evil sentiment and those bad element in their intoxicated inebriated  head? Tak ada agama ke? Or religion's jest another scrap of culture to them?  God help me...!

Duhai ibu bapa,,tak kira bangsa dan agama..didiklah anak2 agar berakhlak mulia, patuh pd agama dan etika kehidupan.  Dan buat Muslim dan Muslimat, didik anak2 sedari kecil dengan solat yg difahami maknanya.  Biar solat itu jadi benteng memelihara elemen insaniah dan prikemanusiaan dalam diri mereka..Contohilah bapa mithali Luqman Hakim yg sentiasa menasihati anak2nya..  Amin!

Oh Tuhan..aku sendiri tak tau bagaimana hendak mendoakan roh kawan baikku Shinto Kaur.  Engkau sajalah Yang  Maha Tahu.. Engkau yg memiliki ilmu yang tiada permulaan dan tiada pengakhirannya.  Maha Suci Engkau ya ALLAH Azza Wajalla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dari Haiza Najwa