Friday, July 9, 2010

to Hasrul Nizam, Ruler of RepublikN9

lacking imaginativeness is truly an impediment  to any writer.  Hate this kinda obstructions, make me wanna throw aside my PC n notebook.  AND hate the damn bloody stimulus that stimulate the whole phenomenon which brush aside the best element in the head faculty - the so called intuition.  Being trapped  in this sorta occlusion made me realized how foolish I was.  God I was almost at my peak and I destroy it over a worthless sent.....?

Sorry Hasrul, I kedana idea so I copy the simple sajak from my FB and paste it here. Daa janji ngan you kan? enjoy it laa..

sebuah catatan

~season adjoins another
as times arrive and banish from sight
leaving tearfilled eyes, broken heart

can't help but wonder

those who left behind ~

that fate left alive
fagged without soul ~

clambering with adversity
wud they survive..?

~But grief evanesce tardily

so what will I do without you...

with tomorrow.. in distant world

and promises that were led astray

just how could you..?