Friday, February 26, 2010

Murder/Homicide! own friend, an old buddy was the victim...?

Since the crack of dawn to sunrise, I was at a loss of what to do.  really no specific agenda for d whole day.  Total zilch!!!  So..I jest sat down crippled and glanced out the window mused, thinking and reflecting hard. The cause..yeahh, old buddy Ganasegaran!
Last nite this old friend Ganasegaran  who's now an owner of a law firm rang me up. Somehow I did enjoy chatting with him 'bout our olden  schooldays.  Sweet..sweet memories and bak kata Gana 'those were the days - unforgettable days..happy innocent years'
He's doing pretty well and  now driving a chevrolet as one of his automobile.  Aku mmg sgt baik dgn dia dulu. Bler putus cinta, diluahkannya rasa kecewa menunggengnya pd aku..ha offense eh Gana..?
Another quite close  friend Abtar Singh, alwez handsome with or without his turban [do I spell it right?] mengejutkan aku when Gana broke the news that he died of fatal injury  in car accident.  Terkasima aku! Pergi sudah rupanya dia...!

And amid bicara, Gana delivered another shocking news 'bout a violent death of a very close friend of mine name Shinto Kaur - Was a sad and distressing story to ponder for she was murdered by her own hubby who was a doctor, can you imagine?  The nasty part was, according to rumors the hubby was having an affair with their maid.  Not sure whether dia  filipino or an Indon. Eiiya..truly made me sick!
Know something?
Me, Shinto Kaur and Ah Yoke during school years were known as muhibbah trio.  We were very close  .  Aargh..alangkah sedehnya cerita ney..victimized and prosecuted  by own husband!

Few days ago K.Wynn emailed me not to be harsh on Hema for she's inexorably this 'dependent on husband' type of wife. kata K.Wynn tak kiralah suami dia seorang keparat.  Sorrylerr K.Wynn for blocking the anonymous commentory. So U x dpt masuk and had to email me instead. I already let in the anonymous comment semula because of you. The other day, one dumb idiot slot in sampah stuff in the comment section tu sebab I trpksa blok.
I'll grant ur wish and'll call Hemlatha shortly after this.  I pray her husband taklah sampai perform the same evil doing to her. He got that bitching temper kecually ngan his  illegitimate wife and kids.  Benci btol aku!
Manalah anak2 dia nak mengadu nanti..Argh.. I almost reduced to tears already. 
Now thinking back 'bout cerita Gana sent tremors to my trembled spine.  Make me chilled with unknown fears.  I'm worry.  More worried than I dare to admit.
What with all these people nowadays?  Are they running out of rationale and conscientiousness? Can't they reason with their own evil sentiment and those bad element in their intoxicated inebriated  head? Tak ada agama ke? Or religion's jest another scrap of culture to them?  God help me...!

Duhai ibu bapa,,tak kira bangsa dan agama..didiklah anak2 agar berakhlak mulia, patuh pd agama dan etika kehidupan.  Dan buat Muslim dan Muslimat, didik anak2 sedari kecil dengan solat yg difahami maknanya.  Biar solat itu jadi benteng memelihara elemen insaniah dan prikemanusiaan dalam diri mereka..Contohilah bapa mithali Luqman Hakim yg sentiasa menasihati anak2nya..  Amin!

Oh Tuhan..aku sendiri tak tau bagaimana hendak mendoakan roh kawan baikku Shinto Kaur.  Engkau sajalah Yang  Maha Tahu.. Engkau yg memiliki ilmu yang tiada permulaan dan tiada pengakhirannya.  Maha Suci Engkau ya ALLAH Azza Wajalla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dari Haiza Najwa


saharakoko said...

hati-hati memilih suami.

haiza najwa said...


Anonymous said...

Dear HN,
wat's ur 2 cents on Syafiah's case? Maknya bole buat derk aje, bila anak di abuse. Cinta buta? Kurang agama? Ntah lah.. I can only say, dunia dah nak kiamat.

p/s psal org tinggalkan comment merapu..biasalah. U delete aje lah. Adat blogging. Mmg ramai wackos out there.

Haiza Najwa said...

Tell U the truth, I memang sakit ati K.Wynn..Infact she did commit adol..[know wat I mean?]and don't deserve the least sympathy. She infact carrying that 'can we call man?''s foetus inside her. I did'nt at all pity her poignant face at the burial..Pasal she patut pengsan after wat that brutal idiot did to her 'mere baby' than to be called kid..[sigh]

haiza najwa said...

Actually got more than that to express to U K Wynn, other than Syafia Humairah did U notice that K.Haresvarran of Bestari Apt in Damansara.was of d same age with her. Meaning children of that age really can get on people’s nerve kan? But instead of justifying their naughty- waywardness and punish those naïve [merely baby] kids, why not gaze intently at those cute pure naive faces, and learn to love them and it wasn’t that hard if U toss away the impious geram in you and really, it’s very easy to fall in love immensely with them in fact the act could be very spontaneous. Kids are easy to love albeit their unpredictable and impulsive natures.
What made me so angry; the boy already gave a hint to the parents when he refused to follow those jerks even after repeatedly being rasuah by chocolate. See..? U tell me now who’s the eii..cannot saylaa..Kalo mse sekolah dulu, my Mr Patrick ‘d surely lashed his favorite phrase ‘you no head’laa and he normally right to d core.
Sometime kids would lari sana and lari sini when the parents wanna send them to the neighbor for jaga. And this moron parents ignorantly toss away any suspicion and never wan to scrutinize just a tad of what goin on in that child’s brain. Tanyalah nape for children won’t lie. Then utilize the cerebrum and congak apasal budak tu takut..? Eiiya..malas nk cakap. Parents should peka itu yg seharusnya. If the little daughters rattling ‘bout the colour of the penjaga’ hubby’s underwear then startlah jadi analitik sket. Macam mana budak perempuan tu boleh ternampak bnenda tu kalau dia tak peraga depan dia..
Know wat K Wynn.. I have two sons, many nephews – most are brilliant and obedient and very nice fellas I really mengaku but,..BUT.. I never leave my little daughter [masa kecik] berdua-duaan dengan dia orang. Not to say I don’t trust them but syaitan..? These laknatullah species really capable of getting in en route many ways and in various methods whatsoever..Jadi mak-mak..bapak-bapak..dengarlah suara hati anak-anak..bukak mata dan bukak minda tu..
Dan bg yg janda remarried tu..don’t take things for granted. Memang tak semua hubby kebulur tapi..banyak sangat dah yg terbukti..Maaflah kalau ada yg tersinggung..Kita semua kan sayang kanak-kanak..kan K.Wynn?

Ann said...

Maybe this sound cruel but for those remarried widow, better send the children to their grannies. More safe. Pay them few hundred ringgits and give them one maid to help take care her children, Then no rape case or sodomy case, hopefully the datuk can be trusted]
Mula2 tepuk-tepuk sayang cucu - lepas tu, perasaan pun jadi lain macam. Bedebah! Jangan kahwin semula lagi baik right?

Arm said...

Most blames seem to fall on men, partly true somehow. But few cases did start with the women as the catalyst - ever review the case of UITM Prof who was burnt to death? All started with a girl, a bohs.. girl. Many were talking about her. Tak ada angin pokok tak bergoyang right? Not making judgement but, she was let free..??

haiza najwa said...

denials wd never change d entire fact. Can U deny that though? [angkat kening 3X]

Ann said...

I was on a bus, spotted a pair of old folk, the husband called the old woman sayang..hmm.
Perhaps some may consider that funny and made them chuckled, but I'm sure the husband already started using that nick 'sayang' since they were both young couple. The affection maybe reduced a little through time, but the way they called each other would not get affected. How romantic! If people open their mind a little, then they should very much respect him for that.
As for me, I did and still do!

Ann said...

Another thing, I wish my husband will have the same decent respect for me like the old man. Salamz

haiza najwa said...

treasure what you already have..?!!

Anonymous said...

I am a divorcee of more than 12 years. I hv only one doter BUT I berjanji pd diri that I will only remarry when she is married. Itu pun kalau masih pjg umur and ada yg sudi. I dont trust any man, period. No, not even the dad. For as long as the other "head" has no brains.. I dont trust the being. Hahahaha.. But that doesnt stop me from having a sweetheart..

haiza najwa said...

brani U k.wynn. After my hubby demised, I got interupted few times too[pandai tak I select words]
Tp I terfkir - rse bodoh jerr nk kne layan org len sdgkn I got all d time 4 myself..I can pray till pg.. or type till my eyes plead to stop. And bebi could alwez rest her head on my arm till dawn. I kinda sure that's d ecstasy, the ending n surely not a soujorn of my life's kembara. Put a noktah to it.
Tp tak taulaa mse depan. Cuma I doa ati I tak berubah. Susah nk cr hubby yg x pernah kisah klu isteri x msk,ajak plakk mkn luar. Mskkn pancake mlm2 siap ngan minuman special dan ajak bini share - klu kte org gaduh pun jest coz I kurang lyn dia. Tp 2 jarang2 berlaku.
After he died, I felt like a delinquent n guilty tak abes n alwez 've this feeling that I wasn't a decent waif to him. But that sentiment urged me to alwez doa 4 him. I find solace doin' jest that. Dan syukur disaat2 ajalnya, rasa kaseh pdnya kian sgt mndlm. Tuhan granted my wish dan bler ingat dia slalu ckp 'sayang kat you' sblom kepergiannya buat I pasrah, setakat itulah takdir perkahwinan I. Anak2 pun dah besar. I luv'em n wouldn't wanna hurt them.
But u're a romantic person by heart K.Wynn, and u've been tru torment when with ur hubby. So indeed you deserve all d right 4 a 2ND CHANCE n to be happy. You owe that 2 urself. You are one heck of a mum, one heck of a career woman, one heck of a superb wife to that ungrateful guy, and I pray, really pray u finally got knotted with somebody who realize that u're all worth to b worshipped. Luv U sincerely!