Sunday, August 23, 2009

SOMETHING IS WRONG SOMEWHERE...Terribly wrong...amiss..

D's nothing more intimidating than when a novelist is hooked up wth this penyakit called malas menulis. And this feeling seems to be steadily rising [me]. Two month I quit clicking d microsoft word..n funny though I can't find even d slightest reason 4 such unconstructive attitude - why! Aduz..Have you ever wondered why few writers sometimes feels they're working in a vacuum in front f their PCs or laptops? Not writer's block as my sis Rosiah theorized. But just lazy.. merely lazy..And this teruk feeling that ur accomplishment go clunk..? How u wish to smack or spank any penulis who comes up and mutter with pride  the phrase like..'I tak boleh kalau tak menulis satu hari'. Bukan cemburukan dedikasi mereka..But just yearning to be among them.  To sideswipe this unenthusiastic and uncooperative 'inner you' is not easy.
Tiba-tiba..teringat pula yg aku ni berzodiak Gemini. Errmm.. ada harapan sembuh dari penykt neyh..
Born under this sign. is awesome since there are  two sides in every Gemini woman. Superficial or inconsistent. Sometimes may be lively and yet another part of us can be nervy. Unable to commit to anything constant n continuous. Tp boleh percaya ke..Ini bkn ramalan tp random search or survey  about the behaviour buat  mereka yg lahir dlm certain-certain month. Sebenarnya kurang baik  sikap begini I admit so ..kenalah  juga menongkah arus and try to place urself in d '5 percent' category. Bt at this specific moment..tunggu dululah..Cuba  belajar ubah sikap..


Anonymous said...

bulan puasa ni penyakit 2 memang dekat. Bagaimana kalau cari alternatif, bykkan ibadah dan kurangkn menulis? Lepas puasa - tulis giler-giler. Hanya nasihat - HMF n friends.

Haiza Najwa said...

Bykkn ibadah..? think everybody is practising it. Believe me..mmg sinonim daa bln pose ni.. Thanx anyway. Salam kenal.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather call it hibernation. Sometimes in life, people needs to hibernates a little to start fresh. Don't you think so? I can't get through without blog so use anonymous. Call me Angel of Selangor!

Hz Njw said...

hardly can be called hibernation. Feeling sluggish n idle - U call that hibernating? The word is ..l..a..z..y

Angel said...

sometimes laziness can be overcome by puting your whole heart in it. If you are not ready for something, don't venture yet. Always start any program or plan with eagerness and readiness, then you'll succeed! And happy with the result eventually.