Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I receive a call from friends, wanting to see me badly. Many many years tak jumpa. Old friends. But I don’t really wanna talk ‘bout hims and hers. That’s too ‘biasa’. But this particular chap almost my age gave remark about my appearance which was kononnya sangat-sangat serious [perhaps what he really wanna say was that I looked grim or dismal..or ..gloomy? was the better word] Then again he commented that I only talked sepatah-sepatah. Such subdued personality..Like someone’s enmeshed in quandary.{Eii..Was he really in desperate need of altercation..??? Dah tak sayang nyawa?] Out of intuition, I retorted back if what he meant having menantu had changed me, was that it? And yes, ‘that’ – really made him chuckled non stop. Privately, that was the issue in his head. Baloney. Yeah..he might have vieved my blog . Well.. some people assumed having menantu is a pain in the neck. But how to feel pain when Ur not even under the same roof with your menantu? What an anecdote totally it was !

I’ll survive the ordeal if the ordeal refers to suffering or torment because none of ‘em was virtually what I went through. The tenets that menantu and in law can’t get along is extraneous now. Issue yg dah on the periphery lah! Correct?

And one little lady asked me why I paste an empty bridal dais in my blog? Ha ha ha ha! No that I’m drained of snapshot but the bridal suite was so beautifully designed by a friend named FAEZAH of N Andaman and my way of showing gratitude and gratefulness is by forwarding to everyone’s view of her fastidious effort and perhaps after this she’ll be showered with unlimited response and I’m sure glad if I became one of the stimulus that fuelled to her business affluence.

Hmm.. pasal muka serius? – Well this grave look ada touching menouching dengan rasa bosan menulis yg tak abes-abes. That is sobering enough! Tak tau nak buat apa, just biding my time tearing the roads sana sini looking for inspirations which rather scarce nowadays and quite a rarity to my fatigued exhausted brain which once upon a time dulu, always overflowed with ideas. Ermm...somehow hati ini still relentlessly yearning to maintain the aura of a writer who never drained of stimulation . Now and then... spot scant way to battle against this negative me! And this, surely is hampering and thwarting any effort to conclude all my ‘halfly done’ manuscript. Tak sampai half pun actually..Ermm.. a real terrifying prospect….Ada dua tiga..tergendala. Make me asphyxiated of distraught n geram.. Huh..sampai bila gaknyer eh..

 am I that grim. depressed?? Just watch me smiling from ear to ear. Scared ha you? Ha ha, I’m a contented mother of 5 also, an okay mother in law, mind you! Somehow.. Undeniably a miserable writer..sob..sob


Anonymous said...

Did not realize that my words hurt you. Next meeting, I mean with the rests, I sure watch my words and be extra precautious. Thanx..
'Beyond reach'

p/s: is it okay if I follow your blog? After all, I do visit your site daily.

An said...

Now that doesn't require permission.

Abang Long said...

Salam hormat.

TERIMA KASIH tidak terhingga atas bantuan yang diberikan. Amat dihargai. Tolong berikan alamat emel. TERIMA KASIH

Haiza Najwa said...

Laa - just a tad dik! Poget jerr

Haiza Najwa said...

To B R, bufoon is just aptly the word.

jihasaramilia said...

salam sister najwa,
i really like and enjoy reading your views, comments and arguments in dR Tee's blog..especially the part that u 'basuh' song tu..best. Always looking forward for more frm u. May Allah bless u always..salbi

haiza najwa said...

Oh yeah..that unspeakable, disgusting, revolting mor..? See I can't even curse him in my own blog. Pretty sure he's one of the DAP zealouts trying to mess everyone's perception on our humble Dr RT. Seorang Mualaf yg sanggup mengenepikan bangsa dan prestijnya demi Islam. Dia benar2 mengikut sunnah nabi. I pray he masuk syurga without hisab. Salam to you and thanx.