Thursday, August 16, 2012

Salam Lebaran [iNI PORTAL UTAMA SAYA-facebook disebelah hanya sekadar mempamer sebhg karya2 saya]

Happy Hari Raya to all Muslim and Muslimah. I love you all especially you,  my readers.

As you know, HARI RAYA signifies the end of Islamic month of Ramadhan, the holy fasting month. To locals, it's both Hari Raya and Aidil Fitri. Hari Lebaran too, of course! Hari Raya starts by the sighting of anak bulan Syawal [the beginning phase of  new moon]
Ermm.. still remember what we just went through?  ha ha  Whole month of fasting is not easy to some!  The entire day of no eating, no drinking, no ciggy [for smoker  laarr] and no sex for married couples.  Must be hell of a torture, ain't that so...?   Well... at least that's the perception of a few who is yet to revert to Islam and guess, that's  what some of the Non- Muslim believe too. 
Of course they are not even half true. Those are  only assumptions and, it's contrary to the truth. No doubt to those with determination and 'iman', it's totally jihad and they love doing it. Trust me, it's done on own accord even to the little children, they always seem to  enjoy performing the 'rukun iman' . Apart from that, the sick or demented, are excused from such obligation for as we know,   Allah is Forever Most Kind and Most Merciful.
Believe it or not   there is flexibility in our Islamic law.
Now to me, Ramadan has it's own signification . I always love staying  awake the whole night during this part  of Ramadan .  For what else if it's  none other than 'the 9 nights preceding Aidil Fitri' .One of the night is claimed to be the night of the Lailatul Qadar where all the angels  will come down to earth and give their blessing to those who stay awake to do their prayers, give  themselves totally to Allah by immersing the whole  body and soul,    in self-mortification. The angels will fly back to the seventh sky at the first ray of dawn till the afternoon on the same day. There are millions of'em!  When that happens, you could hardly see  any rays coming  from the sun for the whole day, veiled, blocked  and covered  by millions and millions wing of the  angels. Sky looks bit foggy and milk like. 
AND NOW.. it's the celebration day! The most awaited event will be the performing of  the Raya prayers. Then come the saddest part; visiting the graves of the departed.  Aduyaii.. I missed my late hubby so much, those bygone days and now he's been gone for 7 years already. Hari Raya is never the same again after he demised sob sob. Nak nanges daa neyh..Jomlaa makan ketupat! nanti nak salam-salam huhu

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