Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lets get over our frustration - usah bersedih lagi

Throughout my life, I went through so much torment .
But HOW arr to overcome those stress and frustrationnngggg..?
WHEN I had no one to turn to,guess what did I do? I would sit down on my praying mat and wept to God asking for his mercy. The climax was when my hubby died of cancer. But I had my escapism during that time, his advice so that I embarked on writing again was a bliss. Now here I am, a novelist with 11 books. Some of them had been listed under the MPH bestsellers chart too. Guess Aku Yang Menanti still there, according to an info by die hard reader ;) Writing is a heck of a mind therapy I tell you. But for those out there who is deprived of such opportunity, lets work out other way..come..!

Sob..sob..huhuhu.. something terrible occurred. I spend day by day looking back at how beautiful life could be if it wasn’t for that occurrence! Everything was great before!! This is it. It is MENGECEWAKAN and heartbreaking, no doubt about it but you must face it, admit to yourself the fate and accept the bitter reality. Don't turn your head from it. It won't do you good. Running away will never reduce the torment because when you come back, IT IS STILL THERE man! Waiting to wallop you. So accept it while bludgeoning it to pieces..padan muka dia!!

Get your close friend whom you can trust but not 'JOYAH' Let it out. Muntahkan dia. Vomit it out!! Jangan sampai dalam perut tu explode. Can draw you crazy.Discuss the problem over is one of the most smartest way to get rid of the BAHANG.

List all the thing that make you unhappy and list out too every ways or means that you can think to solve it. In the end you will feel relief dear. nanti sambung..ada open house...

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