Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Come on..lets be a novelist. The least you can do is publish a book. You owe that to yourself ayy? Come on dear!

Look at what this link can offer you. Sift tru and learn something from it..Uccay..?

Arghh..what the hell. Actually that wasn't really what I wanna focus this time. Bulan pose pun nak tipu..apalaa Haiza Najwa neyh.
What I really wish to discuss is something about insulting. People spew at you and get away with it. Just like that! Boleh ke? I came across several cases like this mann..and God Forbid, I shed my tears in silent. No one knew of course. And when I made my appearance publicly, it would be a happy beaming Haiza Najwa. Uisyy..kontrol ke haper?
So..I came up with this..
1)What to do if someone keeps insulting you?
what I would do is just ignore them and show that you dont care.... they are doing it just to make themselves feel better on a problem they are going through because they dont want to feel miserable...Miserable? Can you guess what a mess people could get into when they're in their worst deplorable state?

That's it..!! Was that the best I could get..? One stupid quotation and I reckon that could solve all?
The answer is yes! Yes...all yes!

Tak cayer? Ask urself when was it the last time you insulted other people? And the truth please..Ahah..I guess the quotation does ring the bell somehow, betul tak? Learn from it and you can strive to be less insulting and in RETURN others won't insult you. What goes around..comes around..what goes up, comes down.. Janji Pencipta..bukan hukum karma saja..hehehhh [smile :} ]

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